Turner Forest Products is a division of Kirby Turner Wood Brokers, Inc, established in 1991. Our corporate office is nestled between Big Moose Mountain and Moosehead Lake, Greenville, Maine.

We have production of two white pine sawmills located in Maine and also production of a hardwood mill located in Quebec, Canada. We specialize in 4/4 thru 8/4 pine lumber, 6x8 pine timbers and red oak, white oak, hard and soft maple, birch and ash lumber.

Our pine mills produce approx 10,000,000 board feet per year, going to door and window manufacturing and log cabin manufacturing for domestic and export use. Our hardwood mill produces approx 9,000,000 board feet per year going to furniture manufacturing, flooring manufacturing and exporters.

We buy hardwood logs throughout New England, New York and Pennsylvania for domestic sales and export sales.

We have built a network of transportation for all our transport needs throughout the U.S. and Canada